Bread and wine ...

Until the opening of germer,
I have been in contact with food from various standpoints –
as a patissier, a boulanger, and a chef.
As a patissier, I harmonised brilliance with delicacy.
As a boulanger, I delivered a taste that satisfied each and everyday.
As a chef, I combined the best of ingredients for a taste to match each season.
And they have now flourished together here at germer.

A slice of bread and cheese with a glass of wine.
A warm seasonal soup with bread.
A croissant with a cup of café au lait.
Or a splendid dessert to celebrate an occasion.
germer is ideal for any situation or purpose.

germer means “to flourish” in French.
My desire is to flourish the warmth of dining
with good old-fashioned conversation here at Ginkakuji, Kyoto.

Owner Koichi Okamoto


3 Jodojinishidacho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto